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-- Chicks w/ Ink --

lovely ladies under the gun

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Dedicated to women with ink. Welcome! Please read these guidelines before annoying the shit out of everyone:

1) If you're going to post an introduction thread, make sure it's got photos. Preview your entry before submitting to ensure they work, and for the love of God keep the dimensions reasonable.

2) As this community grows, I will add helpful threads to our memories. Please check these out before asking redundant questions.

3) Guys are more than welcome to join or watch this community, but please no photos - just comments. You can call me sexist... or you can take another look at the community name ;)

This community was started due to the fact that I couldn't locate a single community dedicated to women with tattoos. If you know of such a community which already exists, PLEASE email me... I don't mean to step on any toes.