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Cloud 9 
03:00am 06/07/2010
  Hello all!

I don't know if I have posted here before since I belong to quite a few tattoo communities, so excuse me if this I never did a introductory post :)

This is my 9th tattoo ( or 14th if you want to get technical). It was done at Adrenaline Tattoos and Body piercing in Toronto, Ontario by the lovely and talented Alie.

This picture was taken by Alie herself just after we finished our 2 hour session, so excuse the redness XD

This is just the first half. I go back in about 2 weeks or so to add the finishing touches.

To Err is Human, To Forgive is DivineCollapse )

I often quote this to many of my friends and it's something of my 'life mantra'. I'm adding Akomeogi (japanese folding fan) on each shoulder,hence the reason it seems to be floating right now.

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First post 
06:28pm 13/03/2010
I'm 18 and I have no tattoos so far, however, I want to get a peacock and a pheonix that sort of wrap around my arm.  One bird would extend from my wrist to my elbow, and the other from my elbow to shoulder.  If you're a bit confused as to why they'd wrap around my arm, it's because it would be mostly the tailfeather part the does the wrapping...

Right, I hope I haven't confused you.

Anyways, I have two questions:

1.)  Do you think that having the birds and their tailfeathers wrap around my arm would look good?
2.)  I have a sever case of overactive thyroiditis, so that means I'm extremely skinny - not quite boney, but skinny enough for people to call me anorexic.  Do you think because I'm so small it would look weird?  My arms still have some sort of "softness" to them.

Thanks for your time!
First time post... Lungs, anyone? 
07:02pm 13/03/2010
mood: contemplative
I'm seriously considering getting a large scale piece, of an anatomically correct pair of lungs.

I have no clue where I could even find pictures of tattooed lungs... But I think with the colour of healthy organs, it is something that has the potential to be pretty and artistic. I think it possible, anyways.

I'd love your opinion... If you think it's a good idea? Of ways to jazz it up? And if you are an artist, would you be up for doing something like this?

Thanks guys...

Sarah Connor: The Great Tattoo Cover Up! 
01:56pm 05/06/2009

Who knew that Lena Headey, the actress that plays Sarah Connor in the Fox TV show The Sarah Connor Chronicles, has tattoos? And lots of them too! Apparently the folks that make the show put a lot of effort into covering them up. In a recent interview Headey says:

Question: I understand that you have quite a lot of body art.

Lena Headey: Yes.

Question: You don't really see it on Sarah Connor.

Lena Headey: Well no, because they hate that I have it. The powers that be say she would never have them...So they cover them up. I don't really mind them doing that because they're my tattoos, they're not Sarah Connor's. It's just part of being an actor.

I personally love them. I find them charming and I feel that they're part of me. A lot of people don't like them, especially in the industry, but everybody has them now. I tell you, if you could find the perfect chemistry for covering up a tattoo, you'd be a billionaire.

Question: What's your favorite tattoo?

Lena Headey: I like them all really. I've just had my back piece finished and I love that. It's a big piece on my back with peonies and swallows. It's got a lot of movement in it, and it's just something I'd always wanted to do. It goes from my lower back, it sort of curls around my womanly shapes, and then it just comes up around my shoulder.

As you can see from the image above -- there's no sign of Lena's ink work when in-character.

Click HERE to read more of the interview in which she talks about the show, her post-Chronicles projects, and her favorite tattoo artist.

koi advise 
11:27pm 19/04/2009

hi everyone... im not new to this community, i just enjoy watching and looking at peoples new tattoos... I would like some advise for my 2nd tattoo...really 3rd but i had additions adding to one so really my 2nd.. (my display photo is of my tattoo)


i need some aviseCollapse )

Thank you for your time.

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Tattoo commitment? 
03:07pm 25/03/2009
mood: confused
I want another tattoo, but I've been "working" on a chest piece since May 1st of 2008. I say working, but in actuality I got the sides/collar bone area complete (two blue jays, full color not just outlines) and will be going back for the center (a celtic cross) when I can. The issue is this: I feel like I have to get my chest piece completed before doing another tattoo since I started it almost 11 months ago. Otherwise I feel I'd be "cheating on it" if you will. But it's going to be expensive (probably $400+), it's going to be a long session (probably 6+ hours) and a lot of healing time (minimum of 4 days off work given the location and size). So this isn't a realistic tattoo in the immediate future. Yet I really want another one. I have a lot of ideas - obviously to finish my chest piece, but I still want to tie my "sleeve" together, I want to get the word "incomplete" in Tibetan, I want to get some flowers on my thigh around my first tattoo and I want a Buddhist Dharma wheel on my arm.
The latter being the one I'm considering right now.

The traditional look is this:

I would also want to add this (a simplified lotus) to the center:

So, it would look something like this (just a rough doodle I made at work):

For the size I want I think it would take about (if not less than) an hour. And it would run $80-$150 depending on the detail/color my artist suggests. And if I got it this weekend (the 27th-29th), it would be a significant time for me (I only get tattoos in times of my life that are significant for one reason or another). March has been a "new leaf" time for me in the past, the last week of which contained two of my previous tattoos. So there's motive, there's significance, there's the cash (given it would only be about 1/4th of the chest piece completion) and the location (on my arm) and size would provide very simplistic healing and no time off... Should I? Or should I put off any other tattoo plans until I've finished the chest piece I thought up last year?
I already have 11 tattoos and all of the ones I listed above are ones I plan on getting eventually, I'm just not sure if I should be committed to the order. Any opinions are welcome :)
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My ink 
10:48pm 18/03/2009
Currently I have 4 Tattoos, but plan to have plenty more.

This is my frist tattoo. It's on my left shoulder. I got it when I was 16.
My plan is to go from this get it touched up of course, and get a mermaid around it somehow.
With like the waves and all that pretty goodness more flowers. And kinda make it in to a
short sleave type of deal.

I know it's a small picture sorry. This was my second tattoo. I was 18.
For those of you know it's one of the many Leo signs. It's on my hip.
And well I put on weight so it streched out quite a bit. I don't even show it off anymore,
there is a huge gap between one of the sides. But I do plan on turning it into a dragon one day.
I'm also a Dragon when it comes to Chinese Zodic. So I thought it would work.

This is one of my favorite tattoos I have. She means the world to me.
I'm a large girl, and as you can see. As is she, and man is she fine!
I would like to one day get an old school kitchen behind her, but I'm a chicken
she hurt...lots.

And this is my latest. Just a rad design that me and my tattoo artist thought up.
As you can see on my foot. I just like it. My foot is swollen cause this was taken
RIGHT after I spent a day at the local fair. lol. Not a good idea right after getting a tattoo on your foot.
Not gonna lie.

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12:32am 19/02/2009
mood: cheerful
Hey, new to the community here~ I currently have four tattoos, the newest of which I just got this afternoon! All the photos below the cut are SFW...I cropped the one with side-boobage.

And the Zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy.Collapse )
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11:01am 16/02/2009
My Name..is not important but I've been a long time lurker in this wonderful community. I got Inked a few days ago and thought it was about time I shared my ever growing collection of work :)

Sign your name on the dotted line...Collapse )

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Swelling Question 
12:34pm 25/12/2008
   I recently got a tattoo thats on the front of my forearm from my wrist to about the middle of my forearm & wraps all the way around. The artist that did it was a little heavy handed, which is fine but i got it on Monday night & starting last night, the whole top of my hand right below were the tattoo is is swollen up like a balloon. I have over 30 tattoos & I've NEVER had anything like this happen to me. I've taken ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory but it hasn't done anything. My fingers are getting like pins & needles & my hand is aching.  I'm getting really nervous that there's something really wrong.  Its got a pretty decent scab on it so I dont know if its the fact that it can't 'breathe' or if its infected. If anyone know anything I can do to help it, I would really appreciate it. I want to avoid going to the hospital on Christmas.  
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Back Piece 
08:32am 19/12/2008
  pro pic of back pieceCollapse )  
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My leaves 
05:51pm 12/11/2008
Got this last night. It represents my family and the traditions we have in the fall

By Dan at Hula Moon in Pensacola FlCollapse )
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Muddy Water Tattoo Convention 
07:40am 09/10/2008


Tattoo contests, piercing contests, artists from all over the country, and lots more!

01:06pm 07/10/2008
mood: blah
I just got a newish camera and decided to finally take pictures of all my tattoos. lucky you! haha.

here we go!Collapse )

whew. long post.
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Need help w/ first tattoo... 
12:29am 19/09/2008
  Hello! I've been wanting a tattoo for a while now, and have a pretty good idea of what I want but am trying to find a picture. What I'm thinking is a peacock/peacock feathers, really soft looking, with soft but vibrant blues/purples/greens with black outlining. Can anyone advise me where to look to find a picture of something like this?

these type of colors:

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Just a taste... 
08:16pm 14/09/2008
  Someone asked for more pics of my ink.
I sincerely apologize for the crappy phone pics :( 
Don't judge me ! (J/k) I do have a cool digi cam.
But I'm a lazy hoe :) 

Loves the ink ladies !!

VERY pic heavy. Collapse )

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Fresh Ink !! 
10:56am 14/09/2008
  XOXOCollapse )
9/13/08 "XOXO" (Placement is top of right shoulder.)
Done at True Blue by Jose - Austin, Tx

This is my early birthday/wedding present to myself. I haven't gotten anything done
in right at a year, so I was SOOOO excited to finally get this one done.
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08:20am 14/09/2008
mood: artistic
I am new here and I have 4 tattoos... Some pictures are better quality than others because some were taken with a camera phone. My favorite one is my knitting pin-up girl that I got about a month ago. :)

Click here for ink!Collapse )
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Got my second tattoo tonight 
11:25pm 09/09/2008
Fresh ink!Collapse )
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